winsome and intentional pieces for a simplified home.

We firmly believe that utilitarian home goods can be lovely, a luxurious necessity. our hope is that youll be able to pair down your home to its essentials. be intentional with what you bring into that sacred space. filling your drawers and adorning your living spaces with simple things that embody home. quality materials translate to less. lets fill our drawers with less, and if we have to do the dishes, it might as well be accomplished with a bamboo wash cloth.

some background on our artisans.

We support small family businesses and artisans around the world. Working together to bring you the very best product, lovingly made by skilled hands.

The Turkish collection is hand woven on large looms, one at a time using organic cotton native to the Aegean region. Fair Trade. Small batch production.

Our Market baskets are made in Morocco by a small family owned company, rooted in their pride for sustainability and ecological practices. Baskets are made from biodegradable palm leaves. Fair Trade.

All Linen goods are lovingly made by us from quality 100% imported European linen. stonewashed and sewn one at a time.

The Mudcloth collection is handmade from vintage textiles using fermented mud and plant based materials. We import directly from a family in Mali west Africa. Fair Trade. Small batch production.

bogolanfini, also known as mudcloth, is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud.

in traditional production. the men weave the cloth and the women dye it. On narrow looms, strips of cotton about 6 inches wide are woven and handstitched into clothes about 3ft x 5ft.

the cloth is soaked in a dye bath of mashed and boiled n'gallama tree leaves. the cloth is then sun dried and painted with traditional tribal designs using a piece of metal or wood. the paint is a special mud, collected from the bottom of riverbeds and fermented up to a year in a clay jar.

due to the chemical reaction of the mud and dyed cloth, the color and symbols remain after the cloth is washed off.